chin music

A¬†brushback or knockdown pitch that passes close to the batter’s jaw, thrown so high and inside that the batter supposedly can hear it “buzz or sing”.

Rickey Henderson receives some chin music from Ted Power of the Kansas City Royals

Scott Ostler (Los Angeles Times, March 31, 1978) “When a pitcher throws inside on a batter, causing breeze to whistle around his Adam’s apple, baseball folks call it chin music. The other day … Nolan Ryan played an entire medley (sic) of his favorite inside tunes”

other definitions:

  • impudent talk from a player, coach or umpire, taking the form of sarcastic, allusions, irritating comments, complaining, joking, jockeying, fault-finding, arguing.
  • shouting from the grandstand or bleachers.
  • informal talking with fans.

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